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Serialized Story Guide for Teachers, Students and Families

By Antonette Bomentre-Walter and Chris Yatchyshyn

Chapter 6 - Patriots Flee, But Fight Back


morale - noun; the mental and emotional frame of mind of an individual or group with regard to the tasks at hand

proportions - noun; size and dimensions

shillings - noun; a former monetary unit of the United Kingdom; any of several early American coins

advocate - noun; one who pleads another's cause, to plead in favor of

refugees - noun; people who flee for safety

retreated - verb; withdrew; moved back

blockade - noun; a restrictive measure designed to obstruct commerce and communications

harpsichord - noun; a stringed instrument resembling a grand piano but usually having two keyboards and two or more strings for each note and producing tones by the plucking of strings with quills or leather points

enchanted - verb; bewitched or enraptured

conspiracy - noun; the act of joining in a secret agreement to do an unlawful act

maritime - adjective; of or relating to navigation or commerce on the sea

combustible - adjective; capable of burning

Recalling the Facts

1. On April 17, 1777, who appointed Paine Secretary of Foreign Affairs?

2. As the British were moving closer to Philadelphia, Anna and Frederich's family went to stay with friends in which town?

3. To where did the government of the colonies move?

4. In 1780 there was a shortage of what, that might cause the colonies to lose the war?

5. To help the war effort, Thomas Paine came up with an idea to create what?

6. Who provided the money to form the Bank of North America?

7. What instrument did Mr. Hopkinson play in his home in Bordentown for the Philadelphia refugees?

8. What were the men discussing?

Comprehension Questions

1. Paine "wrote in great detail about the government or Army problems that needed a solution from all the colonies." What position in today's government is similar?

2. Frederich and Anna's family packed their belongings into a wagon that September to make a trip to New Jersey. Why were they referred to as "refugees?"

3.Who were they hoping to see in the crowds while leaving Philadelphia? Why?

4. Paine told Anna, "Before the weather turns I shall be with the Kirkbrides just north of here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania." Explain what he meant by "before the weather turns."

5. What was it that Anna learned weeks later about Mr. Paine?

6. Who was his meeting with and where did the meeting occur?

In the News

Even during troubled times people needed to have celebrations. In the story we find that enjoying good food and music were ways that everyone was able to relax and have some fun. The newspaper provides much information about food and entertainment. Read the newspaper and find out which sections provide readers with that information. Find your local newspaper: Link to the directory of New Jersey newspapers OR Link to the directory of Pennsylvania newspapers.

Take It to the Real World

Moving to a new home, school or town is always stressful. Pretend that you are in that situation and after settling in you decide that you need a fun evening out. Find the entertainment section of the newspaper and plan an outing that will help you to relax and become more familiar with your new hometown. Find your local newspaper: Link to the directory of New Jersey newspapers OR Link to the directory of Pennsylvania newspapers.

Make a Prediction

Do you believe the "maritime experiment" that Mrs. Borden referred to will be successful?

Essay Questions

  1. If the English army captured the conspirators in Bordentown, what should they have done with them? How far should they go to get information about the secret naval attack?
  2. Is there a limit in times of war as to what an army can do? Describe that limit.

Answers to Comprehensive Questions and Recalling the Facts

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