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Serialized Story Guide for Teachers, Students and Families

By Antonette Bomentre-Walter and Chris Yatchyshyn

Chapter 3 - Who Was "Anonymous?"


Execution - noun; putting to death especially as a legal penalty

Abide - verb; to accept without objection

Misbehavior - noun; an improper action or manner of conduct

Horrors - noun; painful and intense fear

Snatched - verb; tried to grasp something suddenly, seized

Motivated - verb; provided with a reason to act

Recalling the Facts

1. To whom did Frederich want to speak about Mr. Anonymous?

2. Thomas Paine told Frederich about a boy who grew up in which country?

3. What was the religion of the boy's father?

4. The most well-known belief of the Quakers is against what?

5. What was the main religion of England?

6. Who founded Pennsylvania?

7. The boy in Thomas Paine's story ran away to do what?

Comprehension Questions

1. What was John Aiken's question that would not go away?

2. Why did Frederich think "Paine would forget, or that he wouldn't have time to talk to a young boy like himself?"

3. Explain how the "Quakers were different in the way they conducted their lives."

4. Where did Frederich walk to each day when he finished his chores? Why?

5. What motivated the young Englishman Thomas Paine described and what did Frederich believe it would take to run away and become a sailor? Why?

In the News

Thomas Paine's story had Frederich on the edge of his seat while he told him the tales of "the English boy who ran away to sea." Look through the newspaper and see if you can find a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Perhaps you will find a story about a runaway or missing person. Find your local newspaper: Link to the directory of New Jersey newspapers OR Link to the directory of Pennsylvania newspapers.

Take It to the Real World

In the story you read how the Quaker Religion listed "misbehaviors" that they tried to correct. They included: violence, drinking alcohol, dressing fancy, speaking ill of one's neighbors and family, having slaves, being tardy, stealing, lying, etc. In our society today, participating in some of these activities can result in breaking the law. Look through the newspaper and find examples of these misbehaviors in the news. What happened to the offenders? Find your local newspaper: Link to the directory of New Jersey newspapers OR Link to the directory of Pennsylvania newspapers.

Make a Prediction

Who do you think the "young Englishman" in the story is?

Essay Questions

  1. Describe and explain the courage needed to write Common Sense. What was more courageous, writing Common Sense, a pamphlet calling for revolution, or running away from home? Why?
  2. What are some possible reasons Thomas Paine may have had to run away from home?
  3. The Quakers were persecuted in England because of their religion. Why do you think they were "helped" to move to the colonies?

Answers to Comprehensive Questions and Recalling the Facts

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