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Serialized Story Guide for Teachers, Students and Families

By Antonette Bomentre-Walter and Chris Yatchyshyn

Chapter 2 - A Fresh Start in America


Queasy - adjective; suffering from nausea

Citizen - noun; a person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to government protection

Reconcile - verb; to restore to friendship or harmony

Ingenious - adjective; marked by originality, resourcefulness and cleverness

Surveyor - noun; one who determines the form, extent, and position of a tract of land by taking measurements

Subsistence - noun; condition of managing to stay alive

Acquaintance - noun; a person with whom one is becomes friendly

Obliged - verb; to bind by a favor; to do a favor for or do something as a favor

Circulation - noun; the average number of copies of a publication sold over a given period

Restless - adjective; continuously moving, discontented

Nonsense - noun; having no meaning, not conveying an intelligent idea

Recalling the Facts

1. What ocean did Thomas Paine cross to come to America?

2. The city of Philadelphia is on the shores of which river?

3. Who was referred to as "Philadelphia's best known citizen?"

4. What jobs did Thomas Paine hold when he was in England?

5. What type of store did John Aitken own?

6. Thomas Paine eventually became the assistant editor of which publication?

7. Who was the King of England in 1776?

8. What could Frederich do that many other young people could not?

Comprehension Questions

1. In what month did Thomas Paine arrive and in what condition was he?

2. What did Thomas Paine carry with him "that would seal his future" in Philadelphia?

3. Where did Thomas Paine frequently visit when he began to recover? Why?

4. How did Frederich feel about his father's bookstore? What did he like to do when he finished his chores?

5. Explain what happened to the magazine's circulation after Thomas Paine started to work there? What reasons are given for this increased number of readers?

In the News

Thomas Paine began working for Pennsylvania Magazine as the associate editor. Look through the newspaper and find the information index. Notice how many different editors a newspaper can have! Each one is in charge of a different part of the newspaper. Read through the newspaper and find a section that you like. Find your local newspaper: Link to the directory of New Jersey newspapers OR Link to the directory of Pennsylvania newspapers.

Take It to the Real World

If you were to pick a job as editor which section of the newspaper would you like to prepare and revise for publication? Editors work closely with the publisher and make sure that the vision, policies, core values and procedures of the publication are followed. Find your local newspaper: Link to the directory of New Jersey newspapers OR Link to the directory of Pennsylvania newspapers.

Make a Prediction

Who will be the first to figure out that Thomas Paine is Anonymous?

Essay Questions

  1. Thomas Paine enjoyed having discussions with others about the news of the day, and he began to discuss independence from England. Do you think the king should have arrested him for calling for independence?
  2. Why do you think Thomas Paine published Common Sense with the byline of Anonymous?

Answers to Comprehensive Questions and Recalling the Facts

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